“We live not, in reality, on the summit of a solid earth, but at the bottom of an ocean of air.”
Trattamento ARIA

Caratteristiche Ossigeno Attivo:

- Possiede un elevato potere ossidante, essendo una molecola fortemente instabile.
- Ha la capacità di degradare composti organici complessi non biodegradabili.
- Potente azione disinfettante ad ampio spettro d’azione.
- Contrariamente ad altri disinfettanti (come il Cloro), non lascia residui.
- Dopo 20 minuti, l’O3 si trasforma in Ossigeno e non richiede trattamenti di eliminazione.

Device for the ventilation and healthiness of indoor areas, with Remote Control Switch and forced ventilation with H.E.P.A. filtration
Innovative device equipped with remote control enabling the user to determine the treatment duration. The user can comfortably start the device choosing between 2 different treatment timings, i.e. respectively 5 or 15 minutes.
The Active Oxygen produced has an effective antifungal and bactericidal action. Unlike in conventional disinfection systems, O3 molecules can easily reach all the areas, even the most hidden ones, for a powerful and long-lasting sanitization of rooms and surfaces.
device for air treatment with Active Oxygen
Fully automatic movable device for air treatment, with 3 default timings.
Active Oxygen can be used as a safe and effective agent to improve the quality of air, an essential condition to sanitize rooms. It allows to obtain the complete deodorization of rooms, eliminating smoke and bad smells.
The device can be used for the disinfection of fruit and vegetables since it degrades pesticides and fertilizers; it destroys bacteria, and inactivates viruses; it has a natural sanitizing and oxidizing action, therefore it combats the onset of pathogens not only on food products, but also on tools.
device for air treatment with Active Oxygen