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Terminter, which has been on the electrotechnical and industrial chemical market for several decades now, is the most recent and advanced technical evolution of a craft business started in 1948. Thanks to this wealth of experience, the company has undoubtedly achieved an absolutely relevant position on the market, standing out for quality and technological innovation of devices.

For the design and manufacturing of its devices, it has used both Italian and foreign already tested technologies. Today it only uses Italian technology with systems of its own design, and has thus become an exporter of technology, and a supplier of global plant solutions, both in terms of transfer of know-how, and in terms of supply of complete solutions.

The objective of Terminter is to preserve the distinctive characteristics of its products, quality, safety, compliance with applicable regulations in force, continuous search for new technical and plant engineering projects, with the collaboration of European and international certification bodies for conformity testing and the approval of its products.

Terminter can talk about water treatment in a different way, with different motivations, innovative approaches, and devices that - in spite of being technologically advanced - just bring water back to its natural and unique status.

Water as food for everybody, water as excellence.

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L’acqua è un elemento; è la molecola principale che introduciamo ogni giorno nel corpo. L’acqua è il cibo naturale che ci rappresenta e forma in gran parte il nostro corpo. Anche se non fornisce energia, è un elemento fondamentale necessario per soddisfare i bisogni fisiologici e nutrizionali degli esseri umani.

L’acqua contribuisce a tutti i processi metabolici del nostro corpo: regola il volume cellulare, la temperatura corporea, il trasporto dei nutrienti ed è indispensabile per i processi digestivi.

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Anti-scale systems

Systems aimed at softening water, i.e. at reducing the hardness of water.
Water seeping through ground layers is enriched with many mineral salts which contribute to total salinity.
The presence of these minerals, such as Calcium and Magnesium, determines the “hardness” of water, which is the main cause of scale and of damage to water installations, boilers, kettles, household appliances, taps and fittings.

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Air treatment

Systems aimed at improving the quality of the air, and at sanitizing the rooms where they are installed.

The use of Active Oxygen assures the control and reduction of most pollutants in the air (dust, viruses, bacteria, moulds, and spores), which very frequently develop in air conditioning systems and ventilation channels, from which they are conveyed into the house rooms.

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Washing systems

Our device uses a patented technology based on the oxidizing power of Active Oxygen and Silver which, mixed with washing water, promote an overall antibacterial and antifungal effect.

Active Oxygen cleanses and sanitizes linen, reducing by 95% the use of chemical products, in a specialized and totally natural way.

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Medical devices

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