Water softener and demineralizer The Alchimia device is designed to solve problems with hard water, which contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, causing blockages in pipes and obstacles to the dissolution of soap and detergents. It uses a strong cation resin to soften and demineralize water, with high ion exchange capacity to remove minerals […]


Innovative water softener It uses patented technology to solubilize inert gases, minimizing water waste. Reduces the risk of bacterial contamination by keeping pipes clean and preventing scaling. It does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of water, but helps dissolve limestone in systems by removing biofilm and oxide-ferrous residues. It reduces water consumption by up to […]


Intelligent management system Potabilization of domestic water by dosing a sanitizing compound and using U.V. technology. The device is equipped with a system for remote partial and total control of household water consumption, enabling the collection of periodic statistics and summary processing in graphical prospectuses. The system provides a simple and intuitive user experience, ensuring […]