Refrigerated and Carbonated Water for Your Kitchen Fryzo is an innovative water dispensing system with a modern and elegant design that can be easily integrated into any kitchen. The internal filtration system with activated carbon and silver ions,retains chlorine and other substances that may be in the water supply, ensuring good water for drinking and […]


Reverse Osmosis Device Device for water treatment and disinfection in dental offices, ensuring high-quality water for use in medical equipment. It creates a protective barrier that prevents water from carrying bacterial load from outside, ensuring a sanitary environment in dental offices. It can power up to 10 dental units of any type and up to […]


Author Water Reverse Osmosis Device Drinking water treatment device Compliant with M.D. No. 174/04 and M.D. 25/12 – Ministry of Health Device for producing alkaline-refined water, with negative ORP, reducing. The ionizing nature of its modern technology gives regenerating alkaline balance. Installation in Horizontal or Vertical position. Data Sheet Request information Back in the other […]


Advanced Household Washing ECOFARM is a device that uses cutting-edge technology by mixing incoming water with Active Oxygen and Silver nanoparticles. It represents a single, non-polluting solution against a diversity of highly toxic or polluting chemical cleaners. It does not attack fabrics, not damaging them, keeps linens as fresh and clean as if they were […]


Water softener and demineralizer The Alchimia device is designed to solve problems with hard water, which contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, causing blockages in pipes and obstacles to the dissolution of soap and detergents. It uses a strong cation resin to soften and demineralize water, with high ion exchange capacity to remove minerals […]


Innovative water softener It uses patented technology to solubilize inert gases, minimizing water waste. Reduces the risk of bacterial contamination by keeping pipes clean and preventing scaling. It does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of water, but helps dissolve limestone in systems by removing biofilm and oxide-ferrous residues. It reduces water consumption by up to […]


Intelligent management system Potabilization of domestic water by dosing a sanitizing compound and using U.V. technology. The device is equipped with a system for remote partial and total control of household water consumption, enabling the collection of periodic statistics and summary processing in graphical prospectuses. The system provides a simple and intuitive user experience, ensuring […]

Water Top

Over-the-counter dispenser It dispenses room-temperature natural, cold natural, and cold carbonated water. Compact and elegant: can be placed on any tabletop, or on a special cabinet made as a stand underneath (optional, to be ordered separately). The absence of taps, One spout for three types of water. Needs Co2 Pressure Regulator and Food Co2 Cylinder […]


Under-bowl device Produces natural, chilled and chilled carbonated osmotized water. Food-gradeCO2 inner cylinder. Internal coolant tank, 2lt. Chilled water flow rate 35lt/h. Carbonated water flow rate 2.5lt/m. Gassing adjustment system with compensator. Electronic adjustment of cooling capacity. Electronic regulation of condensing temperature. Notice of detected leakage. Automatic shutdown for noncompliant temperature. Data Sheet Request information […]

Osmo Soda

Osmo-Reverse Osmosis Fridge Gasser Direct production osmosis. Capable of producing 120 liters per hour of water at room temperature and cooling up to 30 liters per hour of water. Ability to adjust the degree of gasaura according to one’s taste. Equipped with electronics for adjustment and control of functions, using IPS system. Data Sheet Request […]