Complete and Safe Sanitation VitaO3 can sanitize air, water and all surfaces with which it comes in contact: in a short time it can degrade pollutants, reduce smoke and odors in a completely natural way, without the aid of detergents and without releasing chemical residues harmful to the Environment or humans. DEGRADES the smells ELIMINATES […]


Solution for a Healthy and Safe Environment The CUBO device is designed for sanitizing environments, ensuring the complete elimination of harmful microorganisms. Versatile device, available in different models to suit various room sizes, with a sanitizing substance production capacity ranging from 1gr to 100gr. Its sanitizing action improves air conditions by regulating humidity, ventilation and […]


Removable device For air and water treatment The device has a timer on the front of the display for programming. Three work modes: Each mode is associated with a different work period, with cycles from 10 minutes to 90 minutes. Users can select the mode best suited to their needs, offering flexibility and customization in […]

Oxy Pure

Advanced Sanitization for Air, Water and Surfaces OXYPure® is a unique environmental technology that can solve many everyday problems of indoor air and surface contamination. It possesses high oxidizing power, being a highly unstable molecule. It has the ability to degrade complex non-biodegradable organic compounds. Powerful disinfectant action with broad spectrum of action. It can […]


Air Purification with ICR Technology Device for the healthiness of air, rooms and surrounding surfaces. Removable device with ICR technology: Radiant Catalytic Ionization. The device is removable and equipped with specific fasteners that allow it to be affixed to the wall, minimizing clutter and achieving minimal visual impact. The shapes are tapered and linear that […]


ICR Technology for Clean Air and Clean Surfaces RESPIRO is a device for healthy air, environments and surrounding surfaces. Removable device with fasteners for wall installation, reducing footprint and ensuring minimal aesthetic impact. Tapered, linear shapes that suit various indoor furniture styles. Uses ICR(Radiant Catalytic Ionization) technology, or photocatalytic oxidation Data Sheet Request information Back […]