“Life is a sweet mirror of water: whoever dives violently into every experience, will fight against the waves he has created; those who dive slowly, will live with sobriety and will slide peacefully along the banks of existence.”
Pochi mm di incrostazioni calcaree danneggiano gli scambiatori delle caldaie a condensazione; L’acqua dura, in una caldaia tradizionale, può diminuirne di oltre il 20% la resa termica dell’impianto, aumentando lo spreco energetico; Ostruisce le tubazioni diminuendo la sezione dei tubi e di conseguenza la portata del flusso d’acqua alle utenze; Danneggia e ostruisce il rompigetto dei lavandini e soffioni delle docce.
Besides the already known technical practice of water softening, a usage innovation has been introduced, i.e. the addition of another mineral, Potassium.
Potassium, which is a key element for plants, is very soluble in water, it bonds easily with it, and is immediately ready to be reabsorbed.
Ion exchange resins are characterized by high resistance to mechanical wear, long duration, high exchange capacity, and low activator consumption.
Regeneration works with a chloride-potassium mixture. 5Kg Potassium activator bag, the most comfortable to use.
water softening device with ion exchange resins and Potassium
water softening device with ion exchange resins and Potassium
double-body water softening device with ion exchange resins and Potassium
The Electro device generates an electrostatic field that changes the pattern in which calcium carbonate is crystallized.
Without it, it would be crystallized in amorphous form, easily leading to incrustations. On the other hand, in the presence of the solenoid winding, calcium carbonate precipitates in different crystalline forms (ARAGONITE OR CALCITE) which do not stick to the pipe walls.
Limescale deposits and corrosion debris hide a danger that is often ignored. These deposits are very porous, featuring millions of micro-caves in which bacteria and germs settle, such as Legionella Pneumophila, the harmful bacterium that causes, as is well known, severe lung infections.
electrostatic device to remove lime-scale from household pipes